An Ode to Spiffyguy


Spiffyguy, AKA Mr.Classy

Hey what’s up guys, it’s me, Mr. Classy

I got crazy Youtube money, but I’m never nasty

I drop mad heals on my monk and sick dps too

But I’ve always got time for my friends, this is true

You’d never know I’m famous, I’m so down to earth

I’ve pretty much been awesome, ever since birth

Girls can’t help but to throw their panties at me

Just one of the many burdens of being so Classy

I’d tell you how I do it, but it just comes natural

No lies in this poem, everything is factual

If you see me in Orgrimmar or even Undercity

Be sure to say hi, but just call me Spiffy

Spiffy catches a lot of grief from us regarding his alter ego, Mr. Classy. He requested a blog post, so I obliged. Be careful what you wish for, and respawn responsibly. 


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